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IT Management & Support

Many of us can agree that computing technology is the core of managing a business. When your systems stop your business stops! Here at The Internet Provider we have a range of managed IT services to help you create a secure, efficient and reliable infrastructure for your Business to run.

Whether you are a Small or Large Enterprise business we are here to help and support you. Don’t spend countless days trying to solve a technical problem when you can contact one of our experienced engineers which can save you time and lower your IT expenses.


VPN Connectivity

VPN gives you the ability to connect to a network securely when you’re working from a remote location. It’s perfect when you have staff that visit offsite locations but still need to access your company resources.

Data Backup

Backing up your company data has become an everyday necessity when all it takes is natural disaster or cyber attack to cause havoc to your organisation. Backing up gives you piece of mind so you can rest easy at night.

Support  Helpdesk

Our friendly and experienced support team can help diagnose and solve most issues you may have with your devices, servers or network over the phone.

Remote Assistance

When the support team needs access to your machine, there is no need for a call out fee! we can log in remotely and resolve the issue.


Dedicated Hosting

This solution is perfect for companies that use a lot of applications but don’t want the difficulties of hosting it themselves. This is great for companies that need their resources for more important tasks within the organisation but still want the reliability to access certain applications through our dedicated hosting service.

Onsite Support 24/7 

Our support team is available 24/7, Yes 24/7!